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  • Theresa Downs

How To Pair Wine With Food: Key Ingredients for Successful Pairings

Having a great pairing of the right wine with the right food can be life-changing (I’m not exaggerating) or, at the very least, create a lasting memory. One of the best pairings I ever had was sparkling wine mixed with dry sherry and a salad. Truly amazing! So, here are some other things to consider when contemplating just what you’ll serve with that amazing meal you just slaved over.

What Grows Together Goes Together - Foods and wine that began in the same place often work on the table. Think how well spaghetti goes with Chianti.

Opposites Attract – not just people but food and wine do too. Think of something tart and something creamy – like a crisp, tart Chardonnay with a rich triple-crème brie.

Who’s the star - depending on what you want to showcase in a meal, choose a more simple dish to pair with a wine you want to show off, such as an old vintage wine you’ve been saving for that special occasion. Conversely, if you’ve got that great dish, chose a wine that won’t overwhelm the dish.

Rich wines like creamy, rich, salty fat foods

Salt and fish oil can stand up to stronger flavors in wine

Earthy foods like earthy wines – truffles and Barolo for example

Salty foods work with sweet wine.

Match weight with weight; then color with color.

And above all, have fun and experiment!


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