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Experience Sustainability Firsthand: A Farm Tour at Stemple Creek Ranch

Pasture with beef cattle at Stemple Creek Ranch in Sonoma County
Stemple Creek Ranch image via

Last fall, we were fortunate to go on a farm tour at Stemple Creek Ranch. A visit to Stemple Creek Ranch offers a firsthand look at the practices and principles that make Stemple Creek Ranch a leader in regenerative agriculture. Just what is regenerative agriculture, you might ask. Regenerative agriculture is a holistic farming and grazing practice that aims to improve soil health, protect the climate, and, in turn, improve productivity and profitability. You learn quickly that Stemple Creek Ranch is all about the soil.

Why The Beef

While this blog may not be about wine directly, it is indirectly. (And, wine is a food.) Just as fine wine is the sum of the vineyards that produce it, the products Stemple Creek Ranch produces are reflected by the vitality of its lush pastures and sustainable practices. Both celebrate a deep connection to the land, producing high-quality products that reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship. Enjoying a meal with grass-fed beef from Stemple Creek and a well-paired wine brings together the best of both worlds in a harmonious experience.

Stemple Creek Ranch is one of the most remarkable and sustainable ranches out there, yet it remains one of the most underrated. Ask the average person about Stemple Creek Ranch; they might not even know what it is, which is a real problem. Stemple Creek Ranch is a beacon of sustainable agriculture with practices that ensure environmental balance and top-tier meat quality.

A Bit Of Background About The Ranch 

The Poncia family has farmed Stemple Creek Ranch for over a hundred years (named after the creek that runs through the property). Originally a dairy farm, it evolved over generations into a sustainable ranch focused on producing high-quality, grass-fed beef and lamb. Today, Loren and Lisa Poncia continue the family's legacy, emphasizing regenerative agriculture and environmental stewardship. Stemple Creek Ranch's methods create a harmonious ecosystem, making their products stand out in quality and sustainability.

The Journey Begins

Rolling green pastures greet visitors when arriving at the ranch. The tour begins with a warm welcome from Loren Poncia, one of the stewards of the ranch. His enthusiasm for sustainable farming is infectious, setting the stage for an enlightening experience.

A Glimpse Into Regenerative Practices

The tour starts with an introduction to the ranch's regenerative agricultural practices. Unlike conventional farming, regenerative agriculture focuses on restoring and enhancing the land. Loren explained how rotational grazing mimics natural patterns, allowing pastures to rest and rejuvenate. This practice not only supports the health of the soil but also promotes biodiversity. And the surrounding green pastures we saw were a testament to this practice.

Just as good health is optimal for humans, so too for soil. Much of the tour was spent explaining how healthy soil reduces the ranch's carbon footprint and enhances the quality of the pastures. Visitors are often surprised to learn that healthy soil is a cornerstone of sustainable farming, supporting everything from plant growth to water retention.

Sampling The Products!

No tour is complete without sampling the products, so we enjoyed a good nosh of hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausage; oh my! Delicious! And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so there is something to this grass-fed beef thing. Which leads me to the next topic. Think grass-fed beef is just a trend? Grass-fed animals result in leaner meat packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Their cattle and sheep roam freely, munching on nutrient-dense grasses, resulting in leaner meat packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

And while we're on the subject, let's just nip an argument in the bud:  Contrary to popular belief, cows aren't necessarily bad for the environment when managed properly. With practices like rotational grazing, which Stemple Creek champions, cows can help improve soil health, boost biodiversity, and even capture carbon in the soil. These methods make cows valuable to the ecosystem, showing that responsible farming can significantly reduce their environmental impact.

A Sustainable Future

The tour was thought-provoking, challenging visitors to consider their relationship with food. Stemple Creek Ranch's farm tour is far more than an educational outing—it's a game-changer. It makes you rethink everything you thought you knew about food and the environment, really showing the powerful benefits of sustainable farming. Many people underestimate the impact of responsible agriculture.


Stemple Creek Ranch has received many accolades through the years, to name a few: American Grass-fed Association and the Global Animal Partnership. These honors are a tribute to their commitment to animal welfare and environmental health. The ranch is also a Marin Carbon Project demonstration farm.

The tour was highly educational, enjoyable, and worth the cost and effort. For information on their products and tours, check out their website at



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