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MacRostie Winery: Made from some of the best Chardonnay on the Sonoma Coast

Part of a Chardonnay blog series

What's Their Story:

Winemaker Steve MacRostie, along with a handful of other winemakers, eschewed the siren call of Napa in the 1980s to make big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon wines by embracing the Sonoma Coast's ability to produce exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. To that end, he founded MacRostie House Estate & Vineyards in 1987. He sourced grapes from some of the best vineyards the Sonoma Coast had to offer in the earlier days. Today, the winery still sources grapes from prized vineyards. In addition, it has also acquired vineyards to realize its mission to represent the diversity of grapes of the entire Sonoma Coast.

MacRostie has long been recognized for its Pinot Noir (in fact, it's in one of our guides), but their Chardonnay is worth bragging about, too. Wine Spectator consistently gives them high marks for their Russian River and Sonoma Coast Chardonnays.

Why The Winery Made The Grade: Chardonnay

You'd have to ask why they wouldn't make the grade. The wines are noteworthy and delectable; more fruit-driven than some other Chardonnays, the palate captures some citrus notes, some tropical fruit notes, and just the right amount of creaminess. The Chardonnay Petaluma Gap Nightwing Vineyard and Chardonnay Russian River Valley Chardonnay are noteworthy. These are easy sipping Chardonnay; you don't have to think too hard about them except to ensure you have enough wine.


Spacious, modern indoor seating and verandas with breathtaking views should please even the most discerning visitor. The wine concierges are particularly knowledgeable and gracious.

Which Winery Visitor Type Would Love It :

All wine visitor types would appreciate a visit. The wine holds its own with Oenophiles; the wine concierges will enthrall Authenticity Seekers, the surroundings are opulent enough to impress Luxury Seekers, and Casual Wine Drinkers will love it, well, for the casual and friendly tone.


Address: 4605 Westside Rd, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Phone: (707) 473-9301

Appointments are required.

Hours: 10:00 AM –5:00 PM Fri-Sun; 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Mon-Thu

Tours/Tastings Offered: MacRostie Winery offers two different tastings: a signature tasting of up to 5 wines for $35.00 a person and a library tasting held Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings and afternoons for $75.00 per person.

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