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Napa Truffle Festival - Discover The Fascinating World of Truffles

Napa Valley Truffle Festival Jan. 13 – 16, 2023

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Welcome the return of this festival since last held in 2019. There is a Truffle Grower Seminar, various forays into the forest, and curated lunches and dinners are available for purchase tickets. While some may be waitlisted, I’ve had some success scoring tickets while on a waitlist, so give it a shot if you’re intrigued. Napa Truffle Festival 2023

The taste and aroma of a truffle are unlike anything else, and it’s a personal experience for everyone if it is for the first time or an expensive and intense truffle from Italy or France. Maybe similar to drinking Pinot Noir for the first time and then experiencing different expressions of Pinot Noir from around the world.

Want to know a little more about truffles? Keep reading to learn more and share with your friends and family the next time truffles come up in conversation.

Truffles Origins

Truffles originated mainly in Italy and France but are now grown in other areas like Croatia, Oregon, California, and Australia. The rarest and most expensive truffles mature in the roots of Hazelnut and Oak trees in Italy and France. Harvest takes place in the winter.

Truffle Types

There are two types of truffles, expensive and inexpensive. The most expensive truffles (Italian and French) are harvested in the winter and are white or black. These express a strong aroma and taste, often served as shavings over different foods or desserts. The most expensive white truffles are from the Alba area of Italy, and the most expensive black truffles come from the Perigord area of France. Many inexpensive common truffles, like the summer truffle in Europe, are also used in cooking.

Truffles Around the World

Truffles have been seeded in other areas of the world just like grape vines were transplanted from Europe around the world. These truffles will have tastes and aromas that differ from those from France or Italy due to the differences in soil, climate, and cultivation (e.g., wild in the European forests versus farmed elsewhere). Just like Chardonnay grapes and wines taste and smell different based on where it was grown and made, such as wine from Burgundy in France versus wine from Napa in California.

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