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Napa Cellars: Easy Drinking Chardonnay Under the Sun

Part of a Chardonnay blog series

What's Their Story:

Located in the heart of Napa Valley, one of the very distinctive qualities of Napa Cellars is the geodesic dome. Charles Wood commissioned the dome building in 1976 on 5 ½ acres for primarily storage. Geodesic domes promote more efficient air circulation and keep temperatures even throughout the structure. Today, the dome serves as Napa Cellars Vineyards tasting salon.

The winery has seen numerous owners come and go through the years, illustrious owners at that, Rich Frank of the Frank Family winery and Koerner Rombauer of Rombauer Vineyards, the last being, and still the current owner, Trinchero Family Estates.

Under the tutelage of head winemaker Joe Shirley since 2007, Napa Cellars has developed an award-winning lineup of lauded wines. Primarily producing red wine, Napa Cellars is known for its classic Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Why The Winery Made The Grade: Chardonnay

In addition to producing respected red wine, Napa Cellars makes very nice Chardonnay. With their generally pleasing notes of fruit, vanilla, and creamy mouthfeel, their Chardonnays are in demand due to affordability and accessibility. These are easy and everyday Chardonnays, perfect for impromptu gatherings, quick pasta dinner nights, and when you need a glass of Chardonnay.

Napa Cellars is another winery that offers great wine for its value.


The tasting salon is modern and unpretentious, with a casual, friendly air permeating the winery; think of it as a neighborhood bar with good wine and knowledgeable staff.

There is a lush garden available for your wine tastings. This is one winery where picnicking is allowed, actually encouraged. BYOP (bring your own picnic), and/or purchase cheese, jams, or oils from the winery to supplement your lunch.

Which Winery Visitor Type Would Love It :

Everyone would enjoy a visit, primarily for its friendly, unpretentious staff and surroundings. Casual Wine Drivers would most appreciate the easy-going vibe and pleasant wine.


Address: 7481 St Helena Hwy 5 Napa, CA 94558

Phone: (707) 944-2565


Appointments are required

Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Thursday - Monday

Tours/Tastings Offered: Napa Cellars offers four different tastings: Classic of their most popular wines for $30.00 per person; Reserve that showcases their reserve wines for $40.00 per person; Quintessential Napa that features their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

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