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Where, Why, and When Travel Tips for Europe

Want to travel to Europe for less cost? Want more time ‘being’ in Europe rather than rushing around Europe? Then read on and explore the money and time-saving tips for travel to Europe this year. These are a series of blogs that provide specific topics and tips for you to consider, so read on for this travel tip and why I recommend it.

Why read further? I worked for an airline for 15 years and have traveled the world for years. I am sharing my knowledge and top tips with you, which can save you time and money. Once you read these tips, act on them to enjoy being in Europe.

Tip - Know Where and When

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Deciding where you want to go, why you want to go to each location, and when you want to go there can help you identify flights and hotels you will want to book and add to your plan. Changing the variables of where and when will change the costs. Knowing where, why, and when, as well as researching your flight and hotel options, is how you will understand how to save time and money.


Know where you want to go in Europe and what you want to see and do at each location there, or if you want to explore this time around and come back again later.

  • List out where you want to go and then prioritize them from the most important to you versus interesting but not as important.

  • Once you have your list of where identified determine what you want to see and do at each location.

  • We find spending more time at fewer places now to be more relaxing, and we can always return and do more next time.


Decide why things you identified to see and do at each location are important to you.

  • List the things you want to see and do per location, and you may find you cannot do them all this time. Prioritize them from the most important to you versus interesting but not as important.

  • Once you have your prioritized list of what to see and do and why, you can estimate the time needed to do so and adjust your list.

  • I sometimes find myself too ambitious and need to be realistic about what I can see and do at a location and on what days of the week.

  • We break things up by seeing the sights and booking tours, or we may visit for just a few hours to see if we want to return.



Know how long you plan to be in Europe so you can allocate your time and make your travel plans. Are you traveling during prime seasons, school vacations, or holidays? Or are you more flexible in dates and seasons?

  • Discounts, tours, extras, and availability change by the time of year, season, holidays, day of the week, and how far in advance you make your reservations and buy your tickets.

  • Planning your flight and hotel departure and return to mid-weekdays can save you money and have more room on the flights as they are often less full than Thursday – Monday.

  • Keep in mind countries may take Sunday off, so it might be a good day for a tour.

  • We save time and money by booking off-season and avoiding local major events and conventions.

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