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  • Theresa Downs

Wine Tasting: How To Decide What To Wear For A Fabulous Outing

Okay, you’ve made all your tasting appointments to the newest, trendiest wineries. You head to your closet, and now what? That’s what this blog is for—six things to keep in mind for dressing for wine tasting.

Dress to Impress, not depress

Wine concierges are just like anyone else; they size up people based on appearances, so not saying you wouldn’t have a good time, but taking a bit of care about your appearance matters. You don’t want to show up at a winery looking like something even the cat wouldn’t drag home. Refrain from grabbing those worn shorts, t-shirt and holely sneaks and go for something a bit more upscale. Think smart casual. Come-on, dressing up is fun.

Function over Form

That said, you want to be comfortable, and if you’re planning for multiple winery visits, you want to wear clothing that will allow for a day of imbibing. So, maybe rethink fussy clothing and concentrate on pieces that look good and feel good. So, here are some thoughts:

Women: Dark jeans (yes, they’re great!), sundresses, casual dresses, and skirts work.

Men: Dark jeans (seem dressier), khakis, dress shirts, or polos all work

Color Me Red

When choosing your outfit, you may want to think about color; white pants are terrific looking but can be dangerous (trust me, I have had to toss many red-splotched pants). Dark colors always work unless you like to live on the edge.

Fancy Footwork

You want to ensure you have comfortable shoes on - I can’t stress this enough. Many wineries like to give clients a tour of the property, so you might be walking through vineyards, barrel rooms, and production areas. Having your feet shod in sturdy sandals or sneakers is a must for safety and comfort. Hobbling through a vineyard is nobody’s idea of fun. So, leave the Manolo’s for another time.

Sun Is Great For Grapes But Not Your Skin

Grapes get sunburned too by the way. Chances are, if you’re like me, particularly in these days of Covidness, you’ll be choosing to sit outside to quaff and sample your wine. During summer months and even winter, the sun can be fierce! So make sure you pack your favorite sunblock; a hat with sun protection is always a good idea (and makes you look that dashing). Also, slip a lip balm with sun protection in your pocket or purse.

Pack A Sweater (Always)

As mentioned before, many winery visits include tours of barrel rooms and wine production areas. So while it may be broiling outside, it’s decidedly cooler inside a winery. You won’t have a good time with goosebumps; the wine should be giving you the goosebumps, not the temperature inside the winery. So, depending on the time of year, pack a light sweater, denim jacket, or heavier jacket to slip on; shivering your way through a tour is not fun.


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